Noticias : player availability page!

increible me di con la sorpresa que esta mañana me encontraba con esta noticia en mi pagina principal de sede del club...

New Feature: player availability page!

This week we introduced the first edition of a new feature for Club Members: a player availability page, listed on a sub menu under Club House > Tactics. This page is not intended to replace the Tactics Editor, but serves as a tool that displays useful information for developing tactics.

While this feature will have several updates, the current version offers the following functionality:
  • Lists players by Tactic Slot
  • Shows active cards for that Competition series
  • Shows Injury status
  • Shows whether a player is eligible, based on the Competition Criteria - this is automatically read from the database. The tab headings will change to RED if anyone in that Tactic is not eligible for the next match.
Allows Managers to:
  • Select League, Cups (all) Friendly Leagues (all) that the manager has joined or been invited to
  • Select the age criteria for tactic slots to view in a Custom mode
Further explanation of this feature can be found here.

Are you a Club Member?

Try out the feature now. Then hit the forum to learn more about the feature, ask questions, and let us know what you think. Look for more updates to the feature soon!

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